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About Us

NovaLighting ® was started to import customized quality LED lights from china to equipped our society with latest technology in competitive pricing strategy.LED lights are more efficient and long life as compared to traditional bulbs. LED technology not only leads to significant cost and energy savings, but also generates a light that can be tailored exactly to suit a range of lighting needs.

We're Innovative

We love innovative ideas and put them into our products.

We're Professional

We know what is better for our customer and society.

We're Experienced

We have 30+ years of experience of lighting.

Salient Features

Flexible Returns policy

Feel Free to return if you are not satisfy.
We don't hessitate to return our products.

Up-to-date Technology

We always consider the latest technology in our products.


We have a distributed network around Pakistan to reach our customers.

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Feel Free to contact us at anytime.

Operated from: Lahore, Pakistan.
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